Clearing negative thoughts and feelings

Clearing negative thoughts and feelings

One of the challenges sometimes faced when manifesting your goals is negativity. Sometimes you can simply shift to thoughts and feelings of gratitude and love. But sometimes the negativity seems to have a tight hold of you, and no matter how hard you try to shift your focus you seem to be stuck. And this slows down the good energy flowing into and through you. Being stuck in this negative energy also leads you to making poor decisions, misinterpreting intuitions, blocking good luck and missing opportunities the Universe is creating for you to reach your goals.

There are things you can do that will loosen the negative grip on you and encourage the flow of good energy. Once your energy body has been cleansed and is flowing freely you will be better able to identifying limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings to acknowledge and let go.

The principles of clearing your energy body are simple. For example, I bet you have said something like “I have to take a break to clear my head”. You intuitively know when your energy is not flowing freely, just as you intuitively know what to do. Just like manifesting your goals first make your intention clear then act. But just like cleaning an old house at first you might not feel any shift in energy because of years of accumulated gunk. But persevere because you will surely get to the gold that resides within.

Here are some things you can do to cleanse and clear your energy body. Try them out. Which one works best for you? Tell us in the comments.

Asanas or Yoga poses

Intend your cleansing then pick an Asana that feels right. And hold it. Feel yourself deeply rooted, take a deep breath then as you exhale let your energy flow to the center of the Earth, in the process cleansing your energy and promoting energy flow.


This is inspired from Zen Meditation Walking. Walk with intention. Take a few deep breaths before you begin and then walk, slowly focusing on the experience of walking. Feel the how your body feels as you walk slowly. How are you breathing? As you slowly plant your foot on the ground to take a step feel that connection with the earth and as you lift your foot continue feeling the fresh, grounding energy from the Earth pouring through your body clearing out all energy blocks. Relax. Take your time taking a step. Enjoy the smells, the touch, the taste and sights you are experiencing. Let go of all the stress and tension and know that the Universe is friendly.


Dancing is a great way to get sluggish energy moving. Plus when you dance with intent and you allow your intuition to move you it charges your Spirit. Wear something that makes you feel free and uninhabited. Our range Bohemian fashion has been chosen with this in mind. The soft, light, flowing, colourful garments that allow you to not only move freely but enhance your movements and help connect you to Spirit. This is a very powerful technique for dissolving negative energy.


Sound has been used for thousands of years. Energy manifests as vibration. Sound is vibration, so sound changes your energy through vibration. Make your intention clear then immerse yourself in sound. You might use headphones to get lost in a favourite piece of music. Be mindful of the effects of music on you. Our taste in music often reflects our subconscious thoughts and feelings so choose uplifting, inspirational and happy music. It is infectious. Sing along. Dance.

Or you can make sounds yourself: drumming, rattles, bells or singing bowls. Tibetans continue to use singing bowls in their daily rituals. It has been shown that the vibrations generated through singing bowls have a positive effect on our brainwaves. They also resonate through our energy body to clear any negativity and increase the flow of Spirit or Universal energy.


Sometimes just simply splashing your face with some cool water will help clear the negativity. Or a nice shower or bath. You can enhance the effects of water cleansing by infusing your bath with some fragrant herbs.


Meditation is simple. In fact, meditation is such a natural thing to do that I bet you already meditate without knowing it. Day dreaming and focusing on a task can be considered as types of meditation. But as always, intention is everything. You become what you meditate on. So meditate on something good, something that will serve you rather than hinder you.

In Zen and Tibetan Buddhism you will find open-eye meditation. The idea here is you focus on an object to help clear your mind and energy. It helps if that object has specific meaning for you such as a statue of Buddha, or Ganesh or anything else. Candles too can be used to focus your thoughts. The flickering flame is mesmerising and helps clear your thoughts


Prayer is another way of saying communicating with Spirit, or the Divine, or God, or however you label that infinite source of Goodness. The source of Everything.

It is written in all of the worlds great spiritual traditions. "Ask and you will receive!" It couldn't be simpler. But we get in the way through focusing on negativity and bad energy. You can ask for that negative energy, those negative thoughts and bad feelings to be taken from you. From the day we are born we have a spirit companion, a guardian Angel whose purpose is the manifest what we ask for. Use that right now. Pray. What do you truly want? Prayer beads help you focus your prayers and remind you to pray for everything you want.

Incense and Smudging

Burning fragrant plant material is one of the most ancient human rituals still in use. Australian Aboriginal people burn leaves to cleanse the atmosphere of negative energy and bad spirits. Native Americans do something similar calling it smudging using things like Sage and Lavender. And of course we are all familiar with incense. The fragrant smoke instantly transforms any environment and as the smoke gently rises it also elevates our spirits reminding us or our connection to Spirit.


Crystals produce and amplify vibrations and energy. So crystals are a very powerful tool to help clear negative and bad energy. This can be done in several ways. Simply carrying a crystal can absorb and dispel any negative energy and in turn heal. Or you can empower things with a crystal. For example, letting a crystal soak in water will imbue the water with the crystal’s energy and power. Smoking or smudging a crystal will not only cleanse the crystal but also the power of the crystal will spread through the smoke. Make you intention clear before you choose a crystal and you will be drawn to the perfect crystal for you.

Connecting with Living beings

Whether you hang out with those you love and who are a positive impact on your life, or spend time patting and playing with your pets or even hugging a big tree your negativity will be cleared and you will be energised by the energy of these other living beings.

Another way of connecting with other is through performing good deeds or Seva. The attitude of selfless service should be an act of love, and love is a quick and powerful way to dispel negativity. Volunteer in a soup kitchen, tithe, visit some kids in a hospital or some elderly people in a nursing home. Or just give your undivided attention to your loved one. Do it all from the heart of your being

Clearing negative thoughts and feelings
Energy cleansing

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