When it gets difficult something great is on its way

When something hasn’t manifested – it hasn’t manifested yet. When something doesn’t happen and you feel disappointed something so much better is on the way and if you don’t get swayed, you don’t identify with that disappointment it will come quickly.

Sometimes the path of least resistance, the easeful, peaceful, happy path is a little convoluted, but it will get you there. And trust is the key. Imagine you set out on a long journey. You know your destination, but you are not the driver. You don’t quite know how you’re going to get there. After a few hours you look out the window and you have do not see your destination. Now imagine thinking ‘this is not working. I give up. I am going back’… you wouldn’t do that because you know you paid for your ticket and the driver knows what they’re doing. In time they will get you there. This is what we do when we have a dream. Asking for your dreams to come true buys you a ticket to that destination. The driver is Spirit, God, The Universe… call it what you will. The driver knows how to get you to that destination. Some journeys might take some time, others no time at all. When we have doubts about our dreams or start believing we can’t live our dreams we get off that ride. We end up stranded or lost until we get back on that ride.

Too often you have been so close to having your dream come true when the thoughts intrude “this hasn’t worked. This is all bullshit” and this doubt has halted the dream. Instead hold onto the belief and knowledge that you can achieve your dreams, your dreams are coming to you, your dreams are waiting for you to accept them. Hold onto this knowledge unwavering. No matter what happens. Accept and make peace with what is with the understanding that this is part of the journey. To get to your destination the journey has to sometimes take you through the seedy parts of town, through the wasteland, through the dark forest because it is the quickest, safest and most lawful way to get there. Be certain. Trust in your dreams. Trust the journey. Be at peace.

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