Amethyst Semiprecious Stone Chip Bracelet

  • Amethyst is great at calming an overactive mind and as such is often used to aid in meditation. As a stone of protection, Amethyst guards against psychic attacks and negativity, transmuting the energy into love. As a spiritual amplifier, Amethyst enhances spiritual awareness, psychic abilities and helps to open intuition. If you have touble sleeping or struggle with anxiety and related issues, Amethyst will help you by centering and rebalancing your energies, dispeling any anger, fear or rage that can often at the root of mental stress.  At a subtle leve, Amethyst balances the mind, body and spirit, cleanses the aura, transmutes negative energy and stimulates the throat and crown chakras.

    Important Note: While we have trust in many old beliefs and traditions, we offer our products and information as curios only.